In episode 122, Coffey talks with John Bernatovicz about how leaders can stay engaged, avoid burnout, and deliver amazingly awesome HR. They discuss what an ownership mindset in HR looks like; the importance of relationships in business success; why purpose-driven HR is beneficial for emerging HR leaders; the gift of caring for people; how great HR professionals can move a company forward; the “HR Like a Boss Business Plan”; the importance of understanding the business’ purpose; and burned out how seasoned HR professionals can regain their purpose.

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John Bernatovicz

John Bernatovicz

John Bernatovicz is a husband, father, brother, coach, competitive amateur golfer, coach entrepreneur, podcast host, keynote speaker, author, and HR and payroll expert. He is on a mission to embolden leaders to do better at work and at home while ensuring they are having fun and making a positive impact on the world. Over the last 25 years, John has been an owner of six business ventures and is currently the president of Willory, a staffing and consulting firm dedicated to HR and payroll. John’s passion at Willory is transforming purpose-driven organizations to meet their full potential and ensuring they find, develop, and empower the best talent. Under John’s leadership, Willory has achieved impressive results including NorthCoast 99, Weatherhead 100, Crain’s 52, and Inc. 5000. John’s new book, HR Like a Boss: Your Guide to Amazingly Awesome HR, can be found at


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