In episode 131, Coffey talks with Dr. Stevie Dawn about the impact of emotional intelligence on organizations. They discuss the definition of emotional intelligence; the difference between EI and EQ; how to measure emotional quotient and whether it is reliable; the correlation of EI and empathy; how to identify lack of EI in the workplace; approaching emotional intelligence as a learned ability; how to improve the EI in the workplace; how EI affects organizations and leadership; and codes of conduct in the workplace.

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Stevie Dawn

Dr. Stevie Dawn

Stevie Dawn Carter, PhD, is a passionate advocate for emotional intelligence, seamlessly blending academic expertise with her dynamic speaking and training efforts. With a Master’s in Sociology and a Doctorate in Leadership, Stevie’s journey into the world of emotional intelligence was driven by a deep rooted commitment to understanding the intricacies of human dynamics and group interactions. Her academic pursuits laid the foundation for a career dedicated to empowering individuals and organizations. Throughout her career, Stevie has left an indelible mark on audiences worldwide, offering engaging and insightful presentations that draw from her years of academic study as well as varied work experience. Stevie’s dynamic approach to speaking and training has made her a sought-after authority in the field,
engaging audiences with her relatable stories and humor. In an ever-changing world, Stevie Dawn Carter’s work continues to inspire and transform, guiding individuals and organizations toward greater emotional intelligence and success.

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  1. Yaniris Diaz

    I do not agree with the 360 degree concept of measuring an employee’s emotional intelligence. That data can be skewed if the employees had a misunderstanding or simply don’t like each other. HR practitioners need to a different and more reliable and valid source for that data.


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