In episode 135, Coffey talks with David Aspinall about embracing neurodiversity in the workplace. They discuss how auticon is a demonstration that neurodiverse individuals bring unique value propositions to employers; underemployment in the neurodivergent workforce; how employers can prepare their team to engage with neurodiverse peers; the benefits of having a diverse organization in terms of work culture; the challenges neurodiverse applicants might face during the recruiting process; and whether employers should have different expectations around communication, conduct, and performance when hiring neurodivergent talent.

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David Aspinall

David Aspinall

David has served as CEO of auticon US since 2020. He is responsible for overseeing the further market development of auticon in the U.S. to create more job opportunities for autistic professionals in the technology space. Prior to joining auticon, David was an executive in a Fortune 10 brand at AT&T, where he spent nearly 12 years, including time leading the telecommunication giant’s Canadian operations. He also served as Regional President, South for Sprint in Texas. More recently, David worked as an operating executive with various private equity firms specializing in scaling businesses and revenue growth. David holds an MBA from Texas Christian University M.J. Neeley School of Business and a BA with Honors from The University of Sheffield. He is the 2022-23 Member Engagement Officer for YPO (Young Presidents’ Organization), a global organization of 30,000 members across 142 countries.


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