More than ever, employers are struggling with employee engagement.

Some businesses claim that remote employees are harder to manage and many surveys indicate that remote employees feel disengaged from their peers and their companies.

But when they’ve tried to return to in-person workplaces, they’ve received pushback.

Since the beginning of the pandemic, I’ve argued that organizations with effective leadership and truly-engaged employees will be successful whether they are remote or not. But sadly, most organizations are lacking in both leadership and employee engagement.

Today’s guest says that creating a thriving company culture requires a unique understanding of what motivates employees.


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Randal Weidenaar

Randal Weidenaar is a researcher, author and national speaker. His passion was born out of the pain of broken workplaces, and leaders that wounded rather than served. Randal set out to discover a method that leads to life giving leadership and culture. 

Randal created VP Culture a leadership system based on attachment science that inspires a powerful relational culture foundation. His research reveals that our neurobiology engages when our relationships are healthy and connected. This leads to actual health, vitality and productivity on all levels. Rather than just tips and tricks, VPCulture focuses on a profoundly relational way of leading and living. 

Randal has studied Business Processes Development at MIT Sloan School of Management; The Fundamentals of Neuroscience at Harvard-x, Quantitative Social Research Methods at University of Amsterdam, and Culture-Driven Team Development at University of Pennsylvania. He has helped corporations, government, and non-profit organizations unpack the art and science of leadership and culture creation. He wrote The VPCulture Workbook to help leaders develop this team culture. 

Randal has worked with diverse teams from over 42 countries and consulted countless organizations in marketing and culture development. Additionally, he is the founder of Notionfront, a marketing firm that has clients across the United States. He is also the director of Grace Encounter, a self-development organization. Randal lives with his wife on a sustainable farm in central Missouri.


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