In episode 143, Coffey talks with Neil Katz about how companies utilize fractional leadership. They discuss the distinction between a consultant and a fractional leader; the two types of fractional leaders and their level of control within a business; the typical profile of a fractional leader; how to assess the need for a fractional leader; the cost analysis of employing permanent staff compared to a fractional leader; and the extent of involvement of a fractional leader with a company.

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Neil Katz

Neil Katz

Neil Katz has over 25 years of unparalleled expertise in leading, advising, and consulting C-Suite executives, deftly navigating the intricate terrain of human capital challenges while seamlessly aligning people and business strategies. With a distinguished career spanning diverse industries including retail, healthcare, manufacturing, telecommunications, and startups, Neil has consistently empowered companies to realize their strategic objectives while optimizing both employee and organizational potential. Currently, Neil spearheads fractional HR consulting and advisory services catering to small to medium-sized enterprises across the United States. Alongside his seasoned team of 15+ consultants, Neil comprehensively understands the nuanced needs of these enterprises, illuminating the transformative value that strategic Human Resources initiatives can bring to the table, yielding tangible, positive outcomes for both people and businesses alike. For the past 15 years, Neil has additionally carved a niche as an esteemed executive coach, providing invaluable guidance to CEOs, Board of Directors, and executive professionals. He derives immense fulfillment from collaborating with individuals and groups, propelling them towards the attainment of their business and career aspirations, and fostering ongoing professional growth and development. Neil’s academic credentials include a Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration from Texas Lutheran University and an MBA from Amberton University. He has honed his coaching acumen through the prestigious Executive Coaching program at the University of Texas at Dallas and holds an esteemed SRHM certification. A sought-after thought leader, Neil has graced numerous speaking panels, sharing his insights on pivotal topics such as networking, interview navigation, and employee engagement. Outside of his professional endeavors, Neil is deeply committed to philanthropy, serving on the Board of Directors for Hope International, an esteemed adoption agency based in Dallas. He has also lent his expertise to organizations such as Gift of Adoption and Halo Senior Care, embodying his ethos of giving back to the community.


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