In episode 151, Coffey talks with Kelly Bubolz about the causes of burnout and how to address it within an organization. They discuss the distinction between burnout and stress; the factors contributing to burnout in industries like hospitality and among remote workers; the changing work environment leading to increased burnout; the shift away from grind culture in younger generations; the organizational costs of burnout; signs of burnout in employees; and strategies for leaders to prevent burnout among their teams.

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Kelly Bubolz

Kelly Bubolz

Kelly Bubolz, a motivational and professional speaker, author, and dedicated trainer with over 17 years of strategic leadership in Human Resources. Throughout her career journey, Kelly has embraced the invaluable lessons life has presented, trusting in the process of growth and adaptation. Combining theory and experience, Kelly delivers transformative programs that engage energy and productivity while preventing burnout. Her journey began as a quest for physical healing but evolved into a deep exploration of the human condition, identification of controllable activities, sustainable habits, and the practice of self-discovery. Today, Kelly shares her wealth of knowledge and empowers you to navigate the complexities of modern life with resilience and purpose.


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