The last couple years have been full of monkeys fleeing poo at businesses’ reputations.
Companies’ response to Covid last spring – do we go remote or do we stay in the office? How do we coordinate our decision with customers, employees, and other stakeholders? Do we make commitments to returning to the office?
Then, George Floyd was murdered on May 25th. Many companies rightly condemned his killing publicly but then were criticized from all sides for saying too much or not saying enough.
Now many employers are struggling with returning employees to the workplace and whether they should mandate vaccinations. Once again, many employers are taking it in the pants from all sides.
In a world where even a few motivated employees can create a furor on Twitter and social capital is measured with the same gravity as a profit and loss statement, quality internal and external communications are more critical than ever.


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Abby Lowe McNeil

Abby has over 15 years of experience leading Communications and Marketing for an international healthcare system, where she handled just about every type of Communications challenge a large organization could face, from bubonic plague and hurricanes to capital murder.
That’s how she became the person who’d pick up the phone when the construction crew found bodies under the building, and how she honed her Communications skills in the fast-paced world of crisis response.
And although she still loves a good media issue, Abby didn’t just respond to crises. She also led reorganization of that health system’s marketing and communications functions, saving $4 million and improving market share in almost every market in year one alone. And during a time of intense growth, she directed merger and acquisition communications and market-entry marketing tactics as that organization experienced $1.6 billion global asset growth over only 18 months. She also she led that health system’s COVID-19 communications through the pandemic, from the discovery of its first COVID-positive patients through the rush of initial vaccination panic and the first days of the delta variant.
Now, she works to support businesses with all kinds of Marketing and Communications needs. She helps figure out how to attract and keep their customers through effective marketing, with a special focus on digital and social media. She helps engage their employees through impactful internal messaging. And she helps them solve some of their thorniest problems along the way.
During her down time, she chases her two-year-old twins around the house and continues using her strategic Communications skills to convince her husband that her beloved San Antonio Spurs really are the best team in the NBA. You can learn more about her work and read her self-important ramblings on LinkedIn.

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