Coffey talks with HR consultant and author Mallory Herrin about terminating employees; the problems with delaying the termination decision; the importance of documentation; and how to prepare for and carry out the termination conversation.

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Mallory Herrin

Mallory Herrin

Mallory Herrin, founder of HerrinHR, is an experienced human resources consultant and industry recognized thought leader, serving small and mid-size businesses. As a consultant, she is responsible for guiding the human resources function for a wide range of clients across a variety of industries throughout the United States. She creates and implements HR strategy for each of her clients across all areas of HR based on forecasting of business needs to support her clients’ short-term and long-term goals and growth plans.

As the HR representation of her clients’ executive leadership teams, she handles a variety of HR issues, acts as the point person for formal charges or litigation, leads investigations of harassment, discrimination, and retaliation claims, oversees other HR functional areas such as benefits, payroll, and risk, selects and implements relevant software, vendors, and service partners, and works to streamline processes and improve efficiencies of the overall HR operation.

She actively monitors the state and federal regulatory landscape to identify changes to laws, regulations, and legal actions that have an impact on clients and creates and executes action plans that ensure her clients remain compliant while continuing to meet the company’s strategic HR objectives.

Mallory also produces content such as podcasts, video tutorials, and written articles for and in collaboration with other industry organizations, such as HR Insider, for distribution to clients and other HR professionals. In addition to holding certifications from both HRCI and SHRM, she is also a Certified Professional Life Coach and has more than 15 years of progressive HR experience.

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