In episode 36, Coffey talks with psychiatrist Brian Dixon about the pandemic’s ongoing impact on employee mental health.

They discuss the difference between a family doctor, a psychiatrist, and psychologist, and a bartender; medical practice entrepreneurship choices; the surprising benefits of delivering psychological services over the internet; the psychological impact of the pandemic’s prolonged disruption of society; the different definitions of trauma; how individuals respond to trauma; how to recognize emotional fatigue in employees’ behavior; how mental health is affecting employee turnover trends; the mistaken belief that work should be the source of personal meaning; how leaders can identify and respond to employee’s psychological needs; the surprising “canaries in the coal mine” that employers should seek out to measure workplace health; and the negative impact of sedentary work on mental health.

Along the way, the conversation jumps the rails and they argue about the social value of employers who hire low-skill labor and a couple other “get out your pitchfork” topics.

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Dr. Brian Dixon

Brian Dixon

Brian J. Dixon, MD is a psychiatrist and entrepreneur who owns Mindful, a direct care psychiatry practice in Fort Worth, TX.


Dr. Brian Dixon can be reached at


  1. Stacey Kay

    Really enjoyed this podcast. Okay, I enjoy ALL of your podcasts, but this one surprised me with great take-aways I wasn’t expecting.

  2. Mike Coffey

    Thanks, Stacey. Brian is a really interesting guy!


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