In this special edition (episode 37), Coffey talks with Vladimir Gendelman about supporting his Ukrainian team during the Russian invasion. 

They discuss Vladimir’s experience growing up in the Soviet Union; his entrepreneurial journey in the US and Ukraine; how he helped his Ukrainian employees when Russia seized portions of Ukraine in 2014; how even his Ukrainian employees were surprised by the Russian invasion; the importance of using subject matter experts to predict changes in circumstances; how he has helped his employees avoid Russian troops; how he uses technology to stay in contact with them; and the importance of meeting individual employees’ needs during a crisis.

You can support EO Poland’s efforts to aide Ukrainian refugees at

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Vladimir Gendelman

Vladimir Gendelman

Vladimir Gendelman is founder and CEO of Company Folders, Inc., an award-winning presentation folder printing business. He is an expert in small business management and created a high-performing team that has executed projects for clients such as Ford, Hilton, AAA, and Sony. As thought leader on entrepreneurship, small business, and business marketing, he is a regular guest on business podcasts and has written for a variety of high-profile outlets.

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  1. Mary Rebecca Knight

    Thank you for addressing this. Very relevant and interesting. I support Ukraine.


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