In episode 43, Coffey talks with Julian Sado about how to adapt the mind, train and retain talent using new science. They discuss what new science tells us about how we make decisions; the importance of learning how to define what we feel to react appropriately; how every situation is subjective; how our personal interpretations can change the outcome of our immediate physical and emotional response; why certain work situations link to self-triggers and how the pandemic forced a shift in self-awareness; the role of self-actualization in reading others and recruiting new talent; and growing empathy in the workplace to build stronger, efficient teams that feel valued.

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Julian Sado

Julian Sado

Julian Sado is EVP of L&D at EPM. He is an Author, Speaker, Licensed NLP Practitioner, Behavioral Coach. Prior to his role with EPM he has consulted for over 40 businesses in the areas of L&D, Employee Engagement, sales, service and leadership development. He has raised awareness on how to improve brand and team leadership by changing the subconscious stories that inhibit change. Using his adaptation of Neuro Linguistic Programing (N.L.P), neuroscience, and behavioral coaching, he has tested and has proven his theories through transformational seminars and lectures throughout the country.


Julian Sado can be reached at


  1. Sandy Kurtzman, PHR

    Excellent, well thought-out and usable content for Leaders and those who have the potential to be one. I highly recommend ALL of the advice they offer here, including lifting others, knowing how to best thank employees to reach them where it means the most, guidance for hiring and the pitfalls to avoid, and how to engage your workers to bring creativity to their jobs. There’s so much MORE helpful information, but it’s not just this one podcast, it’s in every single one of them!

    • Mike Coffey

      Thanks for the kind words, Sandy. I really enjoyed this conversation with Julian!


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