Episode 45: Business Involvement in the Legislative Process (Business Credit)

In episode 45, Coffey talks with Cathy DeWitt about legislative advocacy.
They discuss the role of professional lobbyists; how and why businesses should be involved in politics; the importance of being involved in the legislative process even when the legislature is out session; how to develop relationships with legislators and staff; the impact of contributing to industry PACs; whether party affiliations are dealbreakers when reaching out to lawmakers; understanding which bills are really important to legislators; and the pressure on business owners and leaders to take political stands.

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Episode 44: Effective One-to-One Meetings

In episode 44, Coffey talks with Debbie Waggoner about upping your game in one-to-one meetings.
They discuss how often one-to-one meetings become transactional; how to prepare leaders to identify insightful questions; why taking into account the personality of the team member is an important factor in picking the best approach and gathering better information; the appropriate times to schedule a session; taking advantage of virtual meetings to allow the team to feel comfortable even when receiving feedback; taking notes as a tool to engage and build trust; the importance of one-to-one meetings with new employees; and skip-level meetings.

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Episode 43: Using Brain Science in Managing People

In episode 43, Coffey talks with Julian Sado about how to adapt the mind, train and retain talent using new science.
They discuss what new science tells us about how we make decisions; the importance of learning how to define what we feel to react appropriately; how every situation is subjective; how our personal interpretations can change the outcome of our immediate physical and emotional response; why certain work situations link to self-triggers and how the pandemic forced a shift in self-awareness; the role of self-actualization in reading others and recruiting new talent; and growing empathy in the workplace to build stronger, efficient teams that feel valued.

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Episode 42: Data Privacy Regulations and Ethics (Business Credit)

In episode 42, Coffey talks with Jodi Daniels about data privacy. The discuss the credentials businesses should look for when evaluating a privacy professional; online consumer tracking and targeting; state, national, and international privacy regulations; the difference between security, confidentiality, and privacy; individuals’ right to own data about them; how organizational ethics play into business’ use of personal information; determining which jurisdictions’ privacy regulations apply to information; identifying what data an organization holds and the different ways it is shared; the privacy implications of user-installed third-party apps; privacy challenges small and medium companies often face; and the risk of Siri, Alexa, and other listening devices in employees’ homes.

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