Episode 156: People First, Profits Follows with Dee Maddox

In episode 156, Coffey talks with Dee Maddox about the business impact of “putting people first.”

They discuss the meaning of a “people-first” approach; balancing people-first practices with business objectives; common mistakes companies make in implementing people-first strategies; the consequences of neglecting people in favor of processes; the concepts of reboarding and retooling employees; and the importance of trust and open communication in organizations.

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Episode 155: Navigating the Freelance Workforce with Tony Buffum

In episode 155, Coffey talks with Tony Buffum about the evolving freelance workforce and its impact on the labor market.

They discuss the growth of the freelance workforce; differences between gig jobs and freelance work; the increasing preference for freelance work among younger generations; the use of platforms like Upwork for accessing diverse talent; the benefits of hiring fractional executives through freelance platforms; and the role of freelancing for retirees and experienced professionals.

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Episode 154: Creating a Consistent Employee Engagement Culture with Michele Haugh

In episode 154, Coffey talks with Michele Haugh about employee engagement and how to enhance it within organizations.

They discuss the definition of employee engagement; the importance of operationalizing engagement activities; creating a 12-month roadmap for engagement; the necessity of ongoing leadership training and development; integrating company values into employee experiences; the impact of engagement on retention and productivity; and the common mistakes employers make regarding engagement.

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Episode 153: What Employers Need to Know about Employee Assessments with Brandon Jordan

In episode 153, Coffey talks with Brandon Jordan about the use of assessments in the employee selection and development process.

They discuss the different types of employee assessments available in the market and when each might be appropriate; the right questions to ask assessment providers; types of assessments and what they measure; the potential risks of using only cognitive assessments; three kinds of assessment; how to measure the effectiveness of assessments post-hire; complying with the Uniform Guidelines on Employee Selection Procedures; and the potential for bias in artificial intelligence implementations during the hiring process.

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Episode 152: Impacting the Community with Great People Practices with Dr. Kenneth Nichols

In episode 152, Coffey talks with Dr. Kenneth Nichols about how a company’s people practices can positively impact their community.

They discuss sustainability and corporate citizenship; the importance of visible leadership in the community; recruitment practices reflecting community diversity; the benefits of local recruiting and training programs; mentorship and coaching for developing employees; and the importance of critical thinking and people skills in the workplace.

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