Episode 148: The “Gig” is Up: Implementing the DOL’s Independent Contractor Rule with Krystal Yates

In episode 148, Coffey talks with Krystal Yates about the US Department of Labor’s revised rules for classifying independent contractors.

They discuss the difference between an employee and an independent contractor; “1099 employees”; the reasons employers might misclassify employees as independent contractors; “gig” workers; the changes brought about by the final rule; employer considerations when determining if a worker is an employee or an independent contractor; the economic reality test factors that serve as a guide to determine if an employment relationship exists under the FLSA; and common mistakes made by employers when hiring and managing contractors.

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Episode 147: Navigating the Multigenerational Workforce with Emotional Intelligence with Darryl Owens

In episode 147, Coffey talks with Darryl Owens about navigating the multigenerational workplace with emotional intelligence.

They discuss the importance of emotional intelligence (EQ) in the workplace; the five components of emotional intelligence; the impact of the pandemic lockdown on EQ; current challenges in multigenerational workplaces; how emotional intelligence affects communication; understanding the social DNA of each generation; and what leaders can do to foster an emotionally intelligent workplace across remote and multigenerational teams.

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Episode 146: Is HR Your Friend? with Gabriela Norton

In episode 146, Gabriela Norton and Coffey discuss whether HR is meant to protect the interests of the company or the employees.

They discuss the challenges faced by HR in finding a balance between the two; whether HR professionals can be friends with employees; how feedback, coaching, and mentoring can help to bridge the gap and drive results for both employees and employers; the importance of shared vision and goals; HR’s role as a risk advisor to leaders; and how the “great resignation” has presented an opportunity for transactional and strategic HR to find a compromise.

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Episode 145: HR News: Which is Scarier–RIF or RTO? with Karen Cunningham

In episode 145, Coffey talks with Karen Cunningham about recent HR news around whether layoffs are “a failure of leadership” and “fear” of returning to the office.

They discuss recent layoffs; employee loyalty, engagement, and management; balancing regular and temporary employees; the pros and cons of remote work; how leaders can be more intentional in a remote environment; and “overemployment.”

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Episode 144: No Womb for Discrimination: The Pregnant Workers Fairness Act (PWFA) with Vianei Braun

In episode 144, Coffey talks with Vianei Braun about employers’ responsibilities and employees’ rights under the Pregnant Workers Fairness Act.

Coffey and Vianei discuss the gaps in existing law that necessitated the PWFA; the difference between accommodations provided by the Americans with Disabilities Act and the PWFA, including obligations employers may have to suspend essential functions of a job under the PWFA; actions employers need to take to ensure PWFA compliance; the federal court injunction against the enforcement of the PWFA against the State of Texas; the PWFA’s definition of “undue hardship”; how managers can navigate employees’ undisclosed pregnancies; how long pregnancy-related accommodations may be required; how long pregnancy-related accommodations may be required; the importance of HR’s inclusion in pregnancy-related accommodation documentation; when to involve a healthcare provider in reviewing documentation; and various kinds of PWFA accommodations employers may need to consider; and other challenges employers may face in implementing the PWFA.

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