Episode 151: Recognizing and Remedying Organizational Burnout with Kelly Bubolz

In episode 151, Coffey talks with Kelly Bubolz about the causes of burnout and how to address it within an organization.

They discuss the distinction between burnout and stress; the factors contributing to burnout in industries like hospitality and among remote workers; the changing work environment leading to increased burnout; the shift away from grind culture in younger generations; the organizational costs of burnout; signs of burnout in employees; and strategies for leaders to prevent burnout among their teams.

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Episode 150: HR News: Location, Location, Termination with Suzanne Lucas

In episode 150, Coffey talks with Suzanne Lucas about her Evil HR Lady articles from May.

They discuss the kerfuffle that arose after she released an article suggesting that employees who change their work location without coordinating with their employee should be fired; the tax and regulatory issues employers and employees face when working in other states or countries; a private wealth manager’s assertion that 45-minute reference checks are better than interviewing applicants; why employment verifications are important to help mitigate future liability; circumstances where attempts to conduct more-thorough reference checks are justified; and the risks of using AI in recruiting.

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Episode 149: People Management in Entrepreneurial Firms with Kurt Wilkin

In episode 149, Coffey talks with Kurt Wilkin about people leadership in entrepreneurial firms.

They discuss the premise behind Kurt’s book “Who’s Your Mike,” which focuses on the different kinds of workplace personalities encountered as an entrepreneurial firm matures; the evolution of HR in entrepreneurial businesses; common misconceptions that entrepreneurs have about people practices; what HR professionals often misunderstand about working in entrepreneurial firms; finding the balance between tactical and strategic HR; and the keys to building a successful culture in a growing firm.

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Episode 148: The “Gig” is Up: Implementing the DOL’s Independent Contractor Rule with Krystal Yates

In episode 148, Coffey talks with Krystal Yates about the US Department of Labor’s revised rules for classifying independent contractors.

They discuss the difference between an employee and an independent contractor; “1099 employees”; the reasons employers might misclassify employees as independent contractors; “gig” workers; the changes brought about by the final rule; employer considerations when determining if a worker is an employee or an independent contractor; the economic reality test factors that serve as a guide to determine if an employment relationship exists under the FLSA; and common mistakes made by employers when hiring and managing contractors.

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Episode 147: Navigating the Multigenerational Workforce with Emotional Intelligence with Darryl Owens

In episode 147, Coffey talks with Darryl Owens about navigating the multigenerational workplace with emotional intelligence.

They discuss the importance of emotional intelligence (EQ) in the workplace; the five components of emotional intelligence; the impact of the pandemic lockdown on EQ; current challenges in multigenerational workplaces; how emotional intelligence affects communication; understanding the social DNA of each generation; and what leaders can do to foster an emotionally intelligent workplace across remote and multigenerational teams.

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