Episode 28: Guns in Texas Workplaces

Coffey visits with attorney Vianei Braun about Texas’ revised handgun law’s implications for businesses.

They discuss the history of Texas’ handgun license-to-carry statutes; the amended law, which no longer requires a license to carry a handgun in the state; reasons why individuals may still choose to obtain a license; signage requirements for businesses who wish to control who carries a handgun on their premises; other practical measures businesses can legally take under the statute; and the actual impact of the law in the months since it was enacted.

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Episode 27: Horizontal Workplace Mentor Relationships

Coffey discusses workplace mentor relationships with Garrett Mintz, a drug dealer-turned-business leader who works with companies to build their culture.

They discuss the impact of mentors in Garrett’s life; his unique definition of “mentor”; what industrial psychology reveals about how to create effective mentor relationships; why mentor relationships based on hierarchies are often ineffective; how to create horizontal mentorships across an organization; the importance of work-orientation alignment in mentorships; how to share feedback in a constructive way; and how to create effective mentorships that promote employee engagement in remote workplaces.

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Episode 26: Workplace Wellness and Vaccines

Johnette Van Eeden and Mike Coffey discuss how employers’ attitudes toward employee wellness has changed over the last two decades due to changes in financial incentives, regulations making outcome-based programs more difficult for employers to implement, and healthcare reform.
They also talk about how an employer can establish a baseline for measuring their employee population’s health and interventions that employers can implement to encourage healthier lifestyles.
They also discuss vaccine mandates, booster shots, Covid variants, and breakthrough Covid cases.
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Episode 25: Understanding Business Financials (HRCI Business Credit)

* HRCI Business Credit * Understanding a business’ finances is fundamental to being a successful leader. In this conversation with Greg Crabtree, author of Simple Numbers and Simple Numbers 2.0, Coffey explores the key concepts business leaders—and especially human resources leaders—need to understand in order to measure financial success.
They discuss what Greg calls “the most important number in business” (more important than even net income); how direct labor should be measured; why the ability to measure output rather than activity would “move HR to the next level;” measuring labor and management efficiency; and common key performance indicators that companies should stop using.
They also discuss a financial view of talent development and the importance of acting when an employee’s compensation has exceeded their productivity.

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Episode 24: Talent Development in the “Post-Covid” Now Normal

With all the talk of the Great Resignation, some companies are actually laying off people and today’s guest, Brian Hinchliffe, helps those professionals navigate the recruitment landscape.

In his conversation with Mike, Brian asserts that, at least in the case of his job-seeker clients, expectations haven’t changed: they are looking for positions where they can grow professionally.

They talk about those expectations, which employers are most likely to retain quality talent, and the impact of technology on job interviews. They also discuss what employers should look for in an outplacement relationship.

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