In episode 53, Coffey talks with Kristine Conway about leadership development through coaching.

They discuss the misconceptions of coaching; the difference between leaders who fix and leaders who develop; strategies like self-awareness and feedback to become an authentic leader; the importance of assessments and using information properly; how to deescalate difficult conversations and build a safe environment for growth; and the difference between coaching and training.

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Kristine Conway

Kristine Conway

Kristine transforms leaders that fix into leaders that facilitate the fix through coaching. Leaders are often rewarded for ‘fixing’; however, they can generate more effective and longer-lasting solutions by coaching those they lead instead.

Her leadership development philosophy stems from a strong foundation in change management and emotional intelligence models. Kristine not only helps leaders increase their self-awareness and uncover their own barriers to success, but she also helps them strengthen skills that, in turn, develop others for long term success. Kristine advances the development of leaders through one-on-one coaching engagements, leadership development programs, and online learning courses.

She has over 20 years of demonstrated excellence in improving experiences through the leverage of people development in organizations with multiple locations that range from 60Million to 9Billion in annual revenues. Clients include C-level, Vice President, Director, and highly skilled individual contributors in software development, aerospace, finance, operations, human resources, sales, and healthcare.

Kristine is passionate about developing leaders, with a clear understanding that the most significant asset a leader can bring to an organization is the ability to remove the barriers that prevent those under their influence from contributing at their highest level.

Kristine holds a master’s degree in Management and Administrative Sciences with a concentration in Organization Behavior and Executive Coaching from the University of Texas at Dallas. Kristine is also certified by the International Coach Federation as a Professional Certified Coach (PCC).


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